Obstacles and Slides

Contact Dale at 517-712-3190 for more information.

40’ Backyard Obstacle- This obstacle allows two participants to race at the same time. It is approx. 12’ wide and offers front entrance and rear exit for easy traffic flow.

Three Lane Mega Thrill- The area’s only three person obstacle course. This course is 65’ in total length and is great for those large high volume events. Line times are reduced thanks to the third lane. This item can also be rented as a 30’ obstacle course or a 35’ climb and slide.

Ironman Obstacle Challenge- Our largest and most difficult inflatable obstacle course. Three parts come together to form a 40x35 maze of excitement. Recommended for those 7 and up, this obstacle course winds back and forth to make an 85’ long challenge that will have your guests lining up again and again.

Screamer Slide- Did someone say slide? Then here’s your answer. This 18’tall slide is great fun and offers short line times for those large events. We also treat all of our slides with secret items to ensure our slides are never slow- everyone knows that slow slides are boring.

Double Bay Slide- The double bay slide is also 18’ in height. It offers the same great ride as the screamer slide. The screamer slide was so popular that we needed another one!

Dual Lane Accelerator Slide- What’s better than one giant slide? Two giant slides! This dual lane slide is the same height and length as the previous items but allows multiple people to use it at the same time. This will cut down on wait times for those high volume events.

40’ Slip-n-Slide- Enjoy those hot summer days with our slip n slide. This inflatable is a two lane setup with a 10x10 splash pool at the end. No more plastic on the ground and bruised ribs- the soft comfy cushion will have your party going all day long. (This item is rented for a full day when booked.)

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