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*New for 2016* -Meltdown- our newest extreme game is sure to be a hit at your next event. Jump and duck to see if you have what it takes to overcome and outlast your opponents. Game will accommodate up to 8 participants at a time for maximum fun!!

4-Way Joust- Get medieval and see who can stay on their platform the longest. This joust game is wildly popular with many of our older school groups and youth groups.  A great way for the kids to see what their made of when they take on that faculty member or youth leader too!

3-Lane Bungee Run – How much pull power do you have? Harness up and get ready to give it all you’ve got. This game will test the strength of the player as they try to stretch their bungee cord the farthest. Better get that puck set before you get yanked off your feet!  (Not recommended for elementary children.)

4 Person Quad Bungee Jumper- If you need a show stopper for your next event, look no further than this. This attraction is your backyard trampoline x 100. Based off of trainers for acrobats, our bungee jumper will accommodate participants from 30lbs. to 250lbs. The harder you jump, the higher you soar. Jump, flip, or double flip. Whatever suits you is fine with us.

Alien Laser Tag- This UFO shaped laser tag arena is a great spin on laser tag. It’s full of chambers and rooms that weave throughout the 40’ play area.  (Alien head can be removed if requested)

Inflatable Climbing Mountain- This two person inflatable climbing mountain is a cost effective alternative to the traditional hard rock wall. Climbers are belayed in safety harnesses and then are released to make their way to summit at the top of our 24’ tall tower.

Whirly Bird- This self-propelled spinning ride is a different take than the traditional merry go round. Riders pump handles in and out to make the ride move. The faster they pump, the faster they go. 

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